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Forms and Policies


Below are links to a comprehensive list of menus, enrollment forms, and other forms and materials that CACFP participants might need to successfully participate with the Child and Adult Care Food Program. There are a variety of menus listed. If you do not see the menu that you are currently using, please contact us for further assistance. These forms are meant to be printed.

Child Enrollment Form
Children’s Enrollment Change
Food Allergies and Special Needs Form
Summary Sheet
Children’s Menu BLS Provider
Portrait Children’s Menu
Full Children’s Menu and Meal Count
Full Children’s Menu
Daily Meal Count Sheet
Group Daily Meal Count-Full Page
Full Infant Menu

Medical Authorization Form
2018 Claim Due Dates
Reimbursement Rates


Our Policy portion of this page is currently under construction! Please check back often to see how we are progressing! As always, please contact us with any questions.