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New Director’s Institute

The New Director’s Institute (NDI) is an exciting opportunity for directors who have been in their position 18 months or less.  Developing a management and leadership style is an important element for providing quality care for children and creating a vital and stable workforce for the child care center.

NDI is a seven day (five part) intensive training series. The required workshops are:

  • New Director’s Overview (2 days)
  • New Director’s Fiscal:  The Budget (2 days)
  • Orientation: The Process of Staff Integration (1 day)
  • Strengthening Supervisory Skills for Child Care Center Directors (1 day)
  • The Director’s Role in Ensuring Developmentally Appropriate Practice (1 day)


For specific dates, location, registration information and more in-depth workshop description click here: New Director’s Institute Training-Albany .

These workshops are offered to all center directors at no cost.